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Uptown Dental

Uptown Dental is a family dentist located in Marion, Iowa. They came to us because people couldn’t find them by Googling them. During our initial exam of their website, we found that their previous website was not optimized for search and that it was time for a site redesign. This would give us the opportunity to optimize their new site properly and give them a boost in rankings and visibility. See how we more than doubled their conversions from organic search below!

The Problem

Solution Based Strategy

Uptown Dental was not being seen within the first page of Google. This posed a huge problem if Uptown Dental wanted to invite new patients to give them a try.

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Top Notch Marketing

We executed a website redesign and performed search engine optimization for Uptown Dental to help raise their online visibility and increase their rankings for targeted keywords. We continued to provide SEO services for Uptown Dental after their website launched to build their online presence, maintain their top Google rankings and improve user experience on the website for current and potential patients.

Uptown Dental Website Design Mobile Version

Proven Results

Uptown Dental had 28% more organic traffic visiting the site which lead to a 266% increase in leads from search engines. We helped them to surpass their main competitors in search visibility and rank number 1 for their most important keywords.

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