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City Of Hiawatha

The city of Hiawatha, Iowa is situated just north of Cedar Rapids, one of the largest metropolitan areas within the state. The governing body of Hiawatha manages communication between citizens, businesses, and itself, sharing information that serves to better the community.

The Website

Modern Minimalist

The City of Hiawatha’s former site was antiquated and did not serve the purpose it needed to. They came to Metro Studios seeking a new website that makes communication easier, better informs constituents and is user-friendly.

City of Hiawatha Homepage
City of Hiawatha Things To Do Page
City of Hiawatha Event Calendar Page
City of Hiawatha Economic Development Page
City of Hiawatha Facility Rentals Page

Universal Design

The Metro Studios solution to bringing a 1995-esque site, up to date, was to design it as we would any other site. Our team also integrated functionality that is unique to the city's site, making it a universal tool for users with various needs.

City of Hiawatha Website Design Mobile Versions

Interactive Layout

Our strategy led us to develop a site that had the following attributes: Easy to navigate, user accounts, bill payment, push notifications, city ordinance displays, activities and events display, and simplistic administrative control. This new design allowed users to interact with the city in ways they never could before, and its structure makes administrative maintenance effortless.

City of Hiawatha Bike Trail

Dynamic Results

The Metro Studios design strategy paid off in many ways, but most importantly the city saw an increase in site traffic. This shows that people are using the site as it was intended, as a resource they desired to continually use. Because the City of Hiawatha provides such a dynamic site for community members, it affirms their commitment to serving each member of the community.

City of Hiawatha Industries