Our Work

Crescent Electric Supply Company

Crescent Electric Supply Company is a provider of electrical hardware & supplies, such as lamps & fixtures, and offers a huge selection.

Content Creation

Strategized Marketing Campaigns

With the use of excellent blog posts, email marketing services, and social media content, Crescent Electric drove its online presence, sales, and brand awareness. Crafting content takes creativity and planning, which is why we worked to deliver valuable information without the use of misleading subject matter. By creating organic and paid posts, we worked to help Crescent Electric maintain relationships with current customers while reaching a much larger scale.

Crescent Electric Social Media Graphic
Crescent Electric Email
Crescent Electric Blog Post

Crescent Electric TechXpert Videos

Our video team worked on a series of videos promoting products sponsored by Crescent Electric. In addition to the production of the TechXpert videos, our team worked on short teasers for Crescent Electric’s social media page.

Specially Made Studio

Our team built a set and provided studio services to record multiple episodes. This provided a high-quality and professional approach that enhances the feel of their content.

Crescent Electric Studio Video Production

On-Site Video Production

Nothing beats great video content when it comes to increasing engagement and building meaningful connections. For this internal video project, the use of interviews with the company's CEO and valued employees, smooth B-roll, and drone footage brought the stories to life.

Crescent Electric CEO