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Bacteria Direct

Based in Colorado, Bacteria Direct serves a variety of industries and applications using bacteria for digesting organics and hydrocarbons. Specializing in wastewater management, Bacteria Direct supplies high-quality industrial-strength bacteria treatment products.

The Website

Experienced Industry Assistance

Bacteria Direct wanted to create a visually appealing site that functions smoothly and produces high search rankings based on consumer research and user experience trends. The website structure is reminiscent of natural resources and organic matter, which evokes a sense of familiarity, trust, and transparency.

Bacteria Direct Homepage
Bacteria Direct Industries
Bacteria Direct CAFO Page
Bacteria Direct Dosage Calculator

Branding Guidelines

The guidelines we set in place ensure the logo is used in a way that upholds the aesthetic standards of the brand and keeps all content looking professional and consistent. Consistent use of the defined color palette will not only reinforce the cohesiveness of the brand, but color also serves a psychological purpose by communicating a certain feeling to their audience.

bacteria direct brand guidelines

Identity & Logo Creation

Bacteria Direct’s primary logo has a sleek, modern, yet informal vibe to capture the true essence of the brand. The stylized “b” within the water droplet takes on a cyclical shape, referencing Bacteria Direct’s never-ending role in providing dependable, high-quality products.

bacteria direct logo

Mobile Optimized

Mobile browsing—from tablets to smartphones—is growing at an unprecedented rate. By creating a site that is functional for desktop and mobile users, the content is displayed effectively while being completely flexible regardless of the device.

bacteria direct mobile