Word of mouth is the best advertising and one of our clients, Mi-T-M recommended that Stihl partner with us. Stihl is well-known for its chainsaws, as well as other power tools. Stihl wanted to unveil their new-to-the-US line of pressure washers at a dealer conference and needed to produce a video to whet the audience’s appetite.


This sizeable video shoot included multiple locations to showcase the 4 different models of Stihl pressure washers in action, in various settings, including residential, agriculture, and construction. Our talented 5-person video crew brought many toys to the table—two Canon cameras with multiple lenses, 2 Go Pros, a Drone, and a Ronin rig.


With just one video shoot, our media team produced more than two dozen videos, which have fueled the excitement of these pressure washers—and Stihl has been thrilled with their increase in sales.





Virginia Beach, VA


Video Services

Pressure Washers

In this video we showcased the amazing power and versatility of pressure washers in a fun and engaging way. Our team of experienced video producers and pressure washing experts came together to create a series of videos that demonstrate just how much you can accomplish with the right equipment and know-how.

Video Production

Stencil Teaser

This teaser vide was created to generate buzz and create a sense of anticipation among potential customers. High-energy, fast-paced, and visually engaging, our teaser video was made to create anticipation for the launch of the full-length pressure washer video.

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