Worley Warehousing


Worley Warehousing did not have any professional photos to promote their warehouse capabilities. This made it difficult for clients to understand the capacity they had at their facilities without visiting in-person.


They reached out to us to see if we could help capture their work space and environment. This meant bringing our team of photographers and videographers to their location and capturing content over multiple days.


With the new photos and videos Worley is now able to sell potential customers on their capabilities by directing them to their website or to their new professionally made video, courtesy of Metro Studios.





Cedar Rapids, IA

worley warehouse

Photography & Video

Visually Appealing

Metro Studios photographers and videographers captured the process of how Worley works and their multiple locations’ purposes. From snapshots to drone videos outside and inside their facilities, we were able to provide visuals of the vast responsibilities of Worley. Check out the video we created for their website homepage here.

Video Production

This is Worley

Our video team worked on a recruiting video and video banner for Worley’s company website. Our team went to various Worley warehousing facilities in the Cedar Rapids area. We recorded their trucking operations, their storage spaces in their multiple warehousing locations, and their day-to-day operations.

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