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TanTara Transportation is a family-owned flatbed carrier and shipping company that provides transportation services to the entire United States. They had a need to attract and hire new drivers on a consistent basis due to the competitive nature of the industry. They were looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and separate themselves from the major brands in trucking by showcasing their local, family attitude towards trucking.


Metro Studios decided to start from the ground up. This approach involved creating a new website, capturing photos and videos of their employees on the job, optimizing their site for rankings, creating blogs, and setting up digital marketing campaigns. These strategies would position TanTara in a new light for prospective drivers.


With a revamped website TanTara was able to showcase what matters most to them. This also helped them rank on search engines and naturally generate applications each month. Partnered with their new site and rankings was a diverse digital marketing campaign that garnered hundreds of applications in month, keeping their recruiters busy and having options to hire drivers that met their standards.


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Exceptional Fleet

The Perfect Look

TanTara asked Metro Studios to photograph and capture the exceptional quality of their fleet for their website. With an impressive variety of vehicles – including dry vans, flatbeds, and Conestoga’s and reefer trailers – TanTara wanted to show potential customers and team members the range of their exceptional fleet.

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The Right Angle

Metro Studios photographers spent a sunny afternoon capturing every angle of TanTara’s business. We focused our lens on everything, including a roll-top Conestoga trailer and the interior of TanTara’s spotless Truck Repair shop. We even spent time hanging out the window of a Suburban to get the perfect shot of TanTara’s enormous rigs rolling down the highway.

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Digital Marketing

Detailed Perfection

Our keen attention to detail and professional photography skills help display TanTara’s remarkable machines. Our photos showcase TanTara’s ability to serve the trucking industry.


Facebook Video Campaign

Our video team worked on a campaign of videos for TanTara’s social media platform. Our team went down to their facility, and we recorded interviews with multiple truck drivers about the benefits working for TanTara. We took b-roll footage of their trucks on the local roads.

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