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For over 25 years, CJ Cooper & Associates has been at the forefront of providing comprehensive third-party administration services for drug and alcohol testing programs to employers. CJ Cooper recognized the need to enhance their online presence to better cater to the needs of their clients in both the public and private sectors.


By investing in a new website, CJ Cooper elevated its online presence, strengthened its brand image, and leveraged the versatile tools available with a WordPress website. Building a new website also enabled CJ Cooper to revamp its communication channels. We wanted to ensure that clients could easily connect with CJ Cooper, whether it’s through inquiries, feedback, or accessing resources related to its drug and alcohol testing programs.


As a company whose clients rely on them for accuracy, efficiency, and professionalism, CJ Cooper’s commitment to excellence is mirrored in the sleek and intuitive design of its new website. Our team also prioritized on-page SEO strategies, ensuring heightened visibility and accessibility across search engine results.


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Partner in Promoting Safe Work Environments

Every employer wants their workplace to remain drug and alcohol-free. CJ Cooper & Associates will support that initiative with an effective drug testing program. Professional, confidential, and courteous—CJ Cooper is here to help.

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In response to evolving market demands, CJ Cooper has integrated robust e-commerce functionality into its platform, providing clients with convenient access to essential services and resources.

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