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Standardized Assessments

We create solutions for standardized assessment accommodations – from elementary grades through college – for school districts across the U.S. and Puerto Rico. We also create audio and video elements for: Classroom Instruction, Test Administrator Training for Alternative Assessments, Test Proctor/Monitor Training, Security Training, District/School Assessment Coordinator Training, and Test Scorer Training.

Why Metro Studios

We’ve worked in education for over 30 years, producing a variety of academic solutions and accommodations.

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Our Services

We offer custom, efficient, and professional testing solutions for every classroom setting.

What We Offer

Testing Accommodations

Our Value

Why Metro Studios?

We are honored to offer classroom solutions that help students who require accommodations including those with IEP or 504 plans, who are blind or have low vision, who are deaf or hard of hearing, with Learning Disabilities, who are English Language Learners, and who need audio or video modifications for general education curriculum.

At Metro Studios, we offer:

  • Two large video studios and a state-of-the-art audio studio
  • Professional video and audio equipment
  • A combined 75+ years of editing and producing experience
  • Experienced on-camera talent
  • A proven ability to work efficiently at any location
  • A central Midwestern location for convient travel
Academic Accommodations

A Leading Provider

What You Can Expect

For over thirty years, Metro Studios has been a leading provider in the test accommodations field. We’ve kept pace with the latest technology, while keeping in mind the limited resources that sometimes confine technology in the public school system.

Before we begin, we listen carefully to your needs and collaborate to create a project timeline; it’s a critical first step that saves you time and money.

Our team of experts works with you throughout the process. We answer questions and suggest solutions. We ensure you’re confident and completely satisfied with your educational media products.


We know that school assessment windows are set in stone, years in advance. We examine the timelines and map out production milestones, plus communicate those dates to you. We promise to meet your deadline, without Q&A sacrifice.


We know money is often tight in the education sector. That’s why Metro Studios always sticks to your budget and treats your money like it’s our money. We’ll contact you immediately if we have a price modification. We’re honest, trustworthy, and grateful for your business.


We have stringent building security protocols in place. Every evening, all secure documents and external hard drives are locked in cabinets behind locked doors. All computers are password protected and monitored. Only the necessary staff has access to secure documents and all our vendors must adhere to our security protocols.


Metro Studios has back up systems in place, so a power loss or computer failure is just a minor hiccup, not a major crisis.

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