Our Work

TV Narration

Deadliest Catch and Tour Guide were in need of a recording studio to work with their talent to produce narration of each show. The Metro Studios team geared up to record the voice of show narrator Mike Rowe. As they quickly learned, Mr. Rowe is quite busy, so they needed to work around his schedule to record the audio they needed. Throughout the recording process, our team treated this project as they would any other, producing the highest-quality audio possible. The only difference being, this project involved a nationally syndicated television show.

Danielle Dotzenrod, the host of Tour Guide, worked with Metro’s audio team to narrate a season of her show. The Eastern Iowa native came to the studio over the course of a week and recorded a season’s worth of material, while her producer who was in LA was patched in through the phone. The whole process was extremely smooth, and was another huge project perfectly executed!