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Farmer’s Hen House

Farmers Hen House began in 1997 with an Amish man’s idea that producing organic eggs could be a way to keep small farms in the Kalona, Iowa area sustainable. Farmers Hen House provides the highest quality of eggs to their customers, sustainable markets to their family farmers, and jobs to members of their community.

First Impression

The Website

Farmers Hen House was in need of a website update that would build a cohesive brand message.

Farmer's Hen House Homepage
Farmer's Hen House Our Story Page
Farmer's Hen House FAQ Page
Farmer's Hen House Products Page
Farmer's Hen House Where to Buy Eggs Page

Aesthetically Pleasing

Metro Studios created a simple and elegant website design that focuses on the business's commitment to organic, local family farming. This was done by using a combination of written and imagery-driven content. The design team concluded that a simplistic layout was the best way to construct the site, allowing visitors to learn everything they need to know at a glance. That meant history, FAQ's, recipes, and product information had to be boiled down to their very essence.

Farmer's Hen House Website Design Mobile Versions

Going to Market

Along with building a new website for Farmers Hen House, Metro Studios designed vehicle wraps for their delivery fleet. Our designers concluded that capturing a feeling of the outdoors and focusing on their dedication to organic farming was the best way to enhance their fleet.

Farmer's Hen House Chicken Feed

Branded Elements

Designers at Metro Studios worked together to ensure all the messaging and branding was seamless across every aspect of the project. Our designer's research and understanding of the client helped them create a message and brand that fit them perfectly.

Farmer's Hen House Food Photo