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5 Elements of Good Logo Design

Posted on 05.25.2023


Graphic Design

A logo is one of the first things your audience will associate with your brand. But what elements need to be in place to create a great logo?

Whether they contain an icon and company name or only a business name, the most memorable logos express the essence of a business. The colors, fonts, and iconography—if used—work together to create the right feel for the brand. Metro Studios’ graphic designers follow the principles of logo design to create logos for clients. The top 5 elements of good logo design are:

  1. Appropriate for the brand.
  2. Simple and timeless.
  3. Flexible and scalable.
  4. Balanced iconography and verbiage.
  5. Unique from competitors.

Appropriate for the Brand

Our graphic designers take the time to get to know clients and thoughtfully develop logo concepts based on the client’s business and audience. Ideally, every part of the logo elevates the brand, enabling it to communicate what the business does at a glance. When it comes to creating an outstanding logo, colors, fonts, icons, and scale all come together. Experienced designers have the skills to pull design elements together into one logo that represents a company’s mission and products/services.

Simple and Timeless

When it comes to logos, Metro Studios believes in timeless design rather than hopping into trends in colors, fonts, and other design elements. One of the secrets of a memorable logo is simplicity. Great logos can combine logos, letters, icons, and other design elements to reflect the essence of the business. Most company logos include a graphic icon or an icon and typography. The typography of the business name typically benefits from the use of tried-and-true fonts for the complete brand identity. Metro Studios’ logo designs contain tailored imagery and/or typography, thoughtfully selected color schemes for good visibility and reproduction the flexibility to include a tagline for a complete brand identity.

roc otx logo design

Flexible and Scalable

Today more than ever, logos must be both flexible and scalable for multiple applications, from the required mobile websites to uniform embroidery, which is specialized. They must work in one color as well as full color, and the logo designer should provide the company’s logo in various formats, such as square, horizontal, vertical, and icon only. Intricate details, such as overlapping elements and color gradients, can get lost if the logo is too complicated. For these reasons, logo marks should be designed for scaling to all the different sizes and shapes required for digital marketing on social media, websites, as well as physical printed media, such as business cards, signage, and brochures. Metro Studios provides multiple logo sizes and setups with every logo design package.

Balanced Iconography and Verbiage

Graphic designers know the rules of design that make logos more approachable and memorable. Balance is one of the most important elements of logo design. Balance must be struck between an icon and the business name. The right balance also makes a logo more readily scalable in size and flexible for different applications. For example, shrinking a logo down to profile picture size can be problematic if the logo isn’t well-balanced and designed.

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Unique from Competitors

Professional logo designers perform extensive competitor research to ensure that a client’s logo stands out in its industry. For example, Bacteria Direct’s logo is a simple, elegant mark that differentiates the industrial bacteria provider in the world of wastewater management. The icon incorporates a stylized “b” with water droplet and imagery representing cycles and flow, so it also authentically represents what they do. Metro Studios developed branding guidelines to ensure that Bacteria Direct knows how to consistently apply their modern logo, brand colors, and other standards to their marketing efforts.

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