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Cedar Rapids Tire (CRT) has been Iowa’s largest provider of specialty tires since 1992. With products for every need, CRT was ready to scale up its business by redoing its site to focus on e-commerce.


When customers shop with CRT, they aren’t just seeking any tire; they want reliability, safety, and performance. Our team developed a new site to reflect CRT’s business goals and brand. This interactive website makes the buying process easy, enjoyable, and provides answers and purchasing guides for customers.


The CRT website is designed with e-commerce in mind, prioritizing user experience. By using shopping ads to direct customers to the site, we can reach the right people at the right place and time. Track your order, view active deals, and get all the customer support you need.


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Marion, IA

The Website

Home To All Your Specialty Tire Needs

At Cedar Rapids Tire, selling quality product is of the utmost importance. The CRT website showcases a wide range of tires, tire chains, and parts and accessories from over 50 top retailers. Customers can filter by vehicle type, category, tire position, and more.

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Website Design

Elevated Shopping Experience

We delivered a sleek, updated design that reflects the latest trends and technologies. CRT’s upgraded and updated website not only looks amazing but also drives their business forward.


FAQs that Inform and Engage

CRT prides themselves on having specialty and hard-to-find products. Throughout the site, our team has commonly asked questions to help customers make shopping decisions easier and connect with sales staff.


Crafting a Cohesive Brand Identity

Customers are more likely to trust a brand that presents itself consistently across all touchpoints. By aligning all print materials with the new website design, we ensure that CRT’s marketing messages are powerful and clear. This synergy drives better results from marketing campaigns, both online and offline.


Products for Every Need

We transformed the Cedar Rapids Tire website into a powerful sales platform with e-commerce functionality. We enhance their online presence by offering seamless shopping experiences, secure payment options, and an intuitive product catalog.

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