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5 Advantages to Google Ads

Posted on 06.09.2022



Everyone’s “googling” everything these days. Want to know the closest place to eat lunch? Google it. Researching software options? Google it.  Need to know how to do something? Google it!  

If you want to get in the game so your business shows up first when people do a search, Google Ads are the way to go. With the Google search engine’s massive global reach and low-risk opportunities, you can target potential customers and complement your SEO efforts. There are creative ways to advertise any kind of product or service, from consumer to B2B. Check out our five favorite advantages to Google Ads.

Targeting and Scaling Options

Google Ads offer detailed targeting and scaling options, so you can find very specific types of potential customers and refine how far and wide you want your message to be spread. Any type of business, from consumer to industrial, can target keywords, locations, demographics, devices, and where the ads appear. The more you know about your potential customers, the more targeted you can make your ads.

Local businesses can take advantage of targeting nearby potential customers in a certain age range. You can also choose to advertise at certain times of the day or on specific weekdays, which can be helpful in increasing customer interest to increase traffic —foot traffic or web traffic—on slow days or during seasonal lows.

B2B organizations can use targeting to push out the latest information about products and how they work. For example, your newest white paper could be advertised to those searching specific keywords in a lead generation campaign. Planning a webinar or trade show booth? Google Ads can quickly and easily fit into your event marketing plans. If conversions are low, remarketing and retargeting can be added to your Google Ad strategy. Learn more about retargeting and remarketing, and contact Metro for a consultation on these advanced methods to increase lead gen, repeat business and online conversions.

Massive Reach

One of the biggest reasons for advertising on Google lies in its dominant global reach. Asa search engine, Google’smarket share is more than 85 percent according to Statista, and it has been the search engine leader since it was introduced in 1997. The world is your oyster, and Google Ads can get through to nearly any type of buyer in nearly every region.

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Measurable Results

With the suite of Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Google Ads, you will easily be able to see the results of your ads. In addition, Google Ads provide faster results than SEO. While SEO is important to any digital marketing strategy, it takes time for results to show up, because the search engine has millions of pages to cycle through before it sees your most recent updates and blog posts. Google Ads are more immediate in nature, driving traffic to your website when you need it. Turn ads on and off to further analyze their effect on your digital marketing tactics.  

Ads for Any Budget

Control costs by starting with a very small budget for your Google Ads. You will quickly learn which ads work and which ones don’t, so we encourage a bit of experimentation. You only pay when someone clicks on your ad—and you control when it runs—so you can easily keep an eye on your ad dollars. While social media require significant advertising minimums, Google Ads provide an accessible way to start advertising online. Plus, you can set limits for daily spending or monthly budgets—whatever works best for your business and cash flow.  

High Level of Control

With the ease of placement, high level of targeting, and opportunity to start advertising with just a few dollars, Google Ads give you a lot of control over your investment. Turn a Google Ad on when business starts to slow down and turn it off during seasonal peaks. Scale your budget up or down. Have your offerings changed? Have you added a location or popup offering, or changed your hours due to staffing shortages? Adapt quickly with new messages to reflect those changes. If you’re opening a new location, Google Ads are a must to help localize your message to a new market of potential customers.  

Google Ads vs. Other Online Ads

If you’re already advertising on Google, you might consider additional online advertising opportunities, such as LinkedIn and other social media. They offer a more visually engaging format than text-based Google Ads and can be great for driving traffic to your website and generating leads. Remember Instagram, as well. It is especially important to younger demographics that can’t get enough of cool pictures and cool products.   When you’re ready to begin advertising on Google, contact Metro Studios to learn more and get expert guidance in creating an online advertising plan. Our digital marketers will help you create a budget, develop ad creative, and place your Google ads. Plus, we can help you interpret Google Ad results and audit your search results. Contact us today for a Google Ads consultation.

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