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Email Marketing in 2023

Posted on 01.03.2023



For targeted, personalized communication to your potential customer base, nothing beats email marketing. It’s a cost-effective digital marketing tactic with excellent ROI. Why? Because it engages directly with those who have opted into your brand story and are eager to hear from you. When you have digital marketing goals you want to achieve, a well-executed email marketing strategy and campaign can make reaching those peaks easier.

The Advantages of Emails

Three of the top advantages of email include the ways you can personalize the messaging, segment your audience, and leverage automated email messages. Personalizing the subject line enhances open rates, while segmenting your audience ensures that you’re sending the right type of message to each individual.

When it comes to email automations, you can take advantage of time-sensitive triggers through welcome emails, abandoned cart reminders, birthday messages, website interaction follow-ups, and other timed or repetitive messages. Email automations make it possible to put several direct messaging opportunities to work for you, even when you’re not sending out a promotional email campaign.

Emails are the direct marketing of today. Thanks to the abundance of smartphones, they reach people wherever they are. The performance data from email marketing campaigns will be well defined. The email clients available, such as MailChimp and Constant Contact, will show you exactly who is opening your emails and what content entices them to click through. They also make creating signup forms easy, so you can segment your audience from the moment they sign up.

Build an Engaged Email List

If you don’t have an opted-in audience yet, your first step will be establishing that by creating a signup form and placing it on every digital platform you use. Using an iPad or other mobile tablet, you can ask people who stop by your booth at trade shows and conferences to sign up for content. The goal is to build a list of people who want and need your content. This will create a more engaged audience than any purchased list can provide.

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Results-Driven Email Practices

If you’re familiar with direct marketing, you know that offers perform best. Email marketing allows you to boost e-commerce almost instantly. In addition, email can also help you tell your brand story. With the right content, email can inform, educate, and nurture your customer relationships. Here are a few ideas for engaging email marketing campaigns.

  • Include videos with tips and tricks about your products or services.
  • Send news updates with interesting photos and stories.
  • Create educational blogs and webinars.
  • Share testimonials that demonstrate quality products and excellent customer service.

Email Marketing as Part of Your Digital Strategy

Along with your optimized website, blog posts, videos and social media, email marketing further engages your audience with special offers and content you’ve created. Whether you have videos or blogs to share, email can drive people to how-tos, testimonials, flash sales, last-minute specials, newsletter content, and much more. It is flexible to nearly any industry and is used by B2B, B2C, and nonprofit organizations.

The right email marketing plan can excel at CRM. Your audience is ready for quality content. Through educational content, authentic testimonials and videos, and even a personalized birthday greeting, email nurtures connections with your audience. While yet another social media post can easily slip past your biggest fans, email addresses them by name and ensures they don’t miss out on any offers or great ideas you want to share.

If you are interested in learning more about enhancing or initiating an email marketing plan, contact Metro Studios for a quote. No matter your industry, our expert digital marketing strategists can guide you on effective email strategies and tactics.

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