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Authentic video content is crucial for capturing the attention of online users. We partnered with our digital marketing client to enhance their presence on various streaming platforms. This need was identified through continuous monitoring of their online performance.


Our media production and marketing team collaborated to create scripts, shot lists, and visuals needed for the commercials. This content was also used on their website.


We have produced five 15-second commercials highlighting the diverse range of products, shopping experience, and quality of care provided by the staff at Carpet King Carpet One.


Digital Marketing

Video Services




Marion, IA

Video Production

Superior Service

With a remarkable tenure in the industry, the staff at Carpet King Carpet One are widely recognized and esteemed, with customers frequently returning and specifically requesting their preferred sales associate by name. We featured the sales consultants and team members that assist customers in the selection of ideal flooring solutions tailored to their specific requirements.

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