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Pillar Pages and Their Benefits

Posted on 08.23.2021



Have you heard of a pillar page when reading or talking about websites and SEO? If not, it’s time to learn more about pillar pages and how you can benefit from adding one or two to your website. While they can take a little time and concentration to organize and write, the great thing about pillar pages is that they can enhance the user experience, SEO, and your content development.

What is a Pillar Page?

Pillar pages are topical pages that can be compared to a brief e-book or educational presentation. They bring together content from across your website and blog.

Look at this pillar page on oral health care.

As you can see, it has an introduction, four sections providing some key information and linking to other pages and blog posts on the site, and a conclusion, much like an e-book. The content of the pillar page is built around existing content and contains 21 links to other content pages and blog posts.

By focusing on one broad topic, a pillar page consolidates information for your audience. This results in a long page containing high-level information and linking to other in-depth pages and posts. When people are ready to research a topic, they can easily find and binge on your content.

Pillar pages also serve a purpose for SEO, helping draw traffic to your site based on the longer search terms people love to use. Finally, they also help you develop content, because you can identify website content opportunities and blog topics when you dive into outlining and writing a pillar page.

Organized, One-Stop Overview

The ideal pillar page will present information about a single topic by consolidating content from all over your website and blog. The topic should be broad and relevant to your audience. The page’s content will organize key information about that topic to create a user-focused experience. It should be a one-stop overview that makes it easy for people to find the information they’re seeking.

The pillar page should be filled with evergreen content pulled from your website in a logical way. The result will be a page that helps your audience generally understand a topic and easily find and access in-depth information from your website and blog. When you base these pages on relevant and popular search terms, you can create something that people turn to again and again as a resource.

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Improve Ranking and SEO

The Google algorithm rewards sites containing numerous internal links with a higher ranking. Pillar pages, with many links to pages and blog posts on your site, can be a great addition to your internal linking strategy. Over time, you may be able to build several pillar pages that can improve your website ranking.

The other SEO benefit stems from the way these pages capture longer search phrases or keyword phrases. People love to use longer search terms these days because they know they will provide more targeted results. Follow their lead. Create pillar pages optimized for search phrases preferred by your audience.

Enhance Your Content With a Pillar Page

A third benefit of a pillar page is that the process of developing one and the resulting pillar page can provide additional jumping-off points for new content. For one, outlining the pillar page may help you see where you are light on content under certain headings. If those subjects are relevant, it could be time for a blog post or new page on the subject.

In addition, simply seeing the pillar page and all the subjects you have already covered can help you identify future blog posts that drill further into detail on a topic or take another angle on the subject. As a result of the new content, your SEO, blog and social media strategies and results may see improvements.

Pillar pages can help your site visitors find relevant content on your website, and they can help you think up new topics that your audience wants to access. In addition, the longer page length and internal links can improve your SEO and website rankings.

Chances are, if your business competes with several other local businesses for website traffic and business, a pillar page might help your website rise up in the search results. Let Metro Studios identify topics and long search terms and write a pillar page that will attract more visitors.

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