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Which is Best—Long or Short Content?

Posted on 08.24.2023




When you’re planning your marketing strategy, you may wonder which is best—long or short content? It’s not always a question of “which is best,” but who responds best to long content versus short content—and where it is most effective.

Long Form Content

Long content excels in building credibility and educating potential customers. It can also be great for enhancing SEO on a website by providing higher-quality content. For B2B products and services, such as software, equipment, etc., the longer, more detailed content in a white paper, e-book, how-to guide, or case study could provide valuable information to decision-makers. Another market where it’s important to build trust and provide information is the luxury product market.

Examples of long content designed to inform and build trust include:

  • Blog Posts
  • Case Studies
  • White papers
  • E-books
  • Tutorial Guides
  • Pillar Pages and Other Website Content

Clocking in at more than 2,000 words, long-form content writing can be incredibly time-consuming. Let Metro Studios know when you’re ready to develop a strategic plan to create and promote tutorial guides, e-books, white papers, or case studies that are targeted to your audience.

Short Form Content

For consumer marketing, such as groceries, restaurants, clothing, events, and more, short content—and a lot of it—has a bigger impact. Social media platforms have fed into everyone’s habit of consuming while scrolling.

The goal of short content is to make the viewer stop and pay attention to your content and remember your brand. Enticing photos with simple offers can drive sales from Instagram or Facebook. Short videos and reels on TikTok, Snapchat, and Facebook raise awareness of a brand, as well.

A consistent, ongoing presence and an entertaining approach will enhance short content. Businesses interested in driving engagement, whether in retail, ecommerce, or entertainment, will need to produce a lot of short content to fill the social media calendar. Think about creating the highest quality visual content you can afford for more than one of the following platforms:

  • Instagram Posts and Videos
  • Facebook Posts
  • TikTok Videos
  • Facebook Reels
  • Snapchat

Producing Long and Short Content

Not sure how you’re going to find the time to develop a library of short or long content to fill your social media calendar? With a team of Social Media Marketing experts on staff, Metro Studios can help. To learn more about our full range of marketing services, including creating multimedia content to engage and educate audiences from all walks of life, contact us today.

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