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Conversion-Focused Web Design

Posted on 06.09.2022




Many people still think of websites as online brochures. They want people to see what their business has to offer, but they have not planned to convert visitors into prospective or paying customers. But a website isn’t a brochure — it should be treated as an active tool for inviting people into your sales funnel. 

You can have the coolest-looking website, but if it isn’t optimized for SEO and designed with conversion in mind, it is unlikely to perform well against competitors who have a strong strategy for their sales funnel. Creating a strategy based on data will set you up for success in designing a website that makes conversion a priority. 

Why Worry About Conversion-Focused Web Design?

Today’s best-performing websites incorporate conversion-focused design as well as great visual design, SEO, and technical optimization. It is easy for business owners to be attracted to the shiny bells and whistles of graphic design over conversion-focused design. When designing or redesigning a website, the focus should be on making it easy for site visitors to engage with the content they want. Engagement brings them another step closer to becoming a customer, which is exactly what you want. Conversion-focused web design helps reel them in or keep them engaged with your content.

Develop Your Conversion Strategy

The first step in creating a conversion-focused website is to develop a conversion strategy. What is an appropriate conversion strategy for your business? What do you want people to do? Here are a few strategies for converting website visitors into customers or followers.

  • View and buy products
  • Sign up for your newsletter
  • Schedule an appointment
  • Request a quote
  • Make a reservation
  • Contact you

With the strategy set, you can proceed to creating wireframes for the pages. Wireframes are used to visually outline different areas of your web pages with boxes for content, images, calls to action, and more. They provide everyone with a clear picture of where content will fall in the design, which guides the development of copy and selection of images that will fit the page.

Follow the Data

A website redesign project should be based on data and research. Review your Google Analytics and Google Search Console to see which pages currently convert or don’t, and which keywords are most used by your site visitors. Knowing where you stand with SEO will help you confirm whether existing calls to action are working, which is always helpful. If you have added new products and services, it is time to review the SEO research, allowing you to make data-informed decisions about your new conversion strategy.

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Prioritize Calls to Action 

In conversion-focused website design, clear paths to call-to-action (CTA) buttons will improve the user experience. This allows site visitors to easily contact you or quickly find the products they need. 

Some examples of conversion-focused websites designed by Metro Studios include the following product and services sites. Copy provides SEO with a minimum of words to allow the CTA buttons to stand out. 

ATV Tires — Two action buttons make it easy for people to shop for ATV or UTV tires. Plus, the design incorporates relevant motion graphics for a memorable experience. 

Rush & Nicholson Lawyers — This site drives injured workers to click links and buttons so they can schedule a free consultation. 

Dwell Home Furnishings & Interior Design — With interior design services, a consultation or appointment will be needed. Visitors can’t miss the buttons that connect them to Dwell’s staff. 

Website Strategy

Before you redesign your website, take the time to develop a clear strategy for the site that places conversion at the top of the list. With decades of experience developing websites from scratch and redesigning them as technology evolves, Metro Studios has a team who can guide you through every aspect of web development. From the strategy stage to SEO research to the final technical details, we can help you develop and launch a conversion-focused website. Plus, we follow through on tracking and analyzing your conversion data.

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