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5 Key Pieces of SEO

Posted on 05.24.2021



Optimizing your website isn’t just one task—it involves several SEO details, from on-page content to off-site optimization techniques. Optimizing your website for search engines is important because your website is likely the core of your marketing. The easier it is for customers to find your website, the better! We’ve compiled an overview of five key pieces of SEO that we make sure to address with our SEO clients. While this isn’t a comprehensive list, it does provide you an education in several important Search Engine Optimization factors, including on-page, off-page, and technical SEO.

SEO Audit

One of the best first steps to take when working to improve Search Engine Optimization is to perform a thorough SEO audit. This would include reviewing on-page and off-page SEO as well as technical SEO. The SEO audit process will examine your domain, how the pages are indexed by Google, content length and duplication, link quality, architecture issues, and many other on-page and off-page SEO details. The resulting report can include a lot of details to guide the work of Search Engine Optimization.

SEO Keywords

How do people search for your products and services? How do your competitors’ websites get found? SEO keyword research identifies the keywords and key phrases that people plug into search engines to find similar products. It begins with a seed keyword—something you know to be relevant based on observations within your industry. You can be part of your keyword research by making note of terms that you run across in social media and industry groups.

You can learn interesting things about your audience from keyword research, and better yet—you can use what you learn for all of your content marketing, not just your website. Knowing popular keywords for your products and services can help you develop blog post ideas and inspire ads and social media posts. It may also clue you into ways to enhance your website content and structure.

seo keywords


We can manipulate back-end SEO all you want, but fresh, relevant content is still one of the key drivers of Search Engine Optimization. The usual recommendations for content apply, including refreshing copy, adding relevant images that have been optimized, and regularly updating your blog. The goal: Add the meatiest and best keywords you discovered in your SEO research.

On-page Search Engine Optimization starts and ends with the words that appear on the page, and that copy needs to come from somewhere. Need ideas on how to add to your website? Consider these simple ways to enhance your website’s copy:

  • Write more copy to demonstrate your expertise
  • Give examples of success stories
  • Add FAQs
  • Gather and add customer reviews
  • Improve your footer and contact page
  • Expand product descriptions to include more details

Keep your industry, audience and keywords in mind as you develop SEO-focused copy, and plan to revisit and edit your website several times a year, if not more often.

One key aspect of off-page Search Engine Optimization is backlinking. Backlinks are inbound links to your website from other websites. Authoritative and credible backlinks can be a boost to your SEO position, while other backlinks can detract. The best backlinks come from trusted sources, such as media outlets, national organizations, and so on. If you have popular corporate or local partners, their websites can also provide valuable SEO backlinks. For example, if you have a supplier with a respected website, you could link to each other to share some of that positive SEO.

How do you get backlinks or even know if you currently have any backlinks? The SEO audit process will help with this. Using what we find, we can recommend backlink strategies that can be your golden ticket to quality links that result in more traffic to your website and improved SEO. We have the tools to analyze existing backlinks, some of which you may not even know existed. Our Search Engine Optimization experts will also clean up any toxic backlinks and strategize for quality backlinks to your website.


In SEO, it can be easy to overlook the most visible part of your website’s design—the images! Images can be optimized physically to load faster and through code. You may be able to perform some of these tasks yourself, starting with saving the image files with relevant and optimized file names. Then, we’ll focus on correctly sizing images to load quickly and fit your website design. The next step involves adding or changing alt tags and captions, using the appropriate SEO keywords to describe the images. Images on your website can also be optimized for image search on google, which offers a fresh strategy for eCommerce websites.

Metro Studios can assist with each of these tasks, ensuring that you start off with an excellent baseline of website optimization for future marketing campaigns. Contact us for details about our SEO services.

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