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Cook & Boardman Group, the nation’s leading distributor of commercial doors, frames & hardware, electronic access control equipment and specialty (Division 10) products, sought to scale their business by launching a targeted PPC campaign. They aimed to utilize digital marketing services to improve their online presence, attract qualified traffic, and boost conversions.


With nearly 40,000 products in their inventory, we meticulously manage their paid search campaigns to ensure the highest return on investment (ROI). Our approach involves constant testing and optimization, closely monitoring user behavior and search trends to refine targeting and ad placements. We maximize performance and drive high-quality traffic that converts into sales. This vigilant and adaptive management helps us achieve optimal results, ensuring that every dollar spent on advertising contributes to the growth and success of their business.


Our collaboration with Cook & Boardman has not only fueled significant business growth but has also opened the door to managing their enterprise accounts and overseeing the operations of their various divisions. Through our strategic efforts, we’ve enhanced their digital marketing performance, leading to increased visibility and customer engagement. This success has strengthened our partnership, allowing us to implement tailored marketing strategies across their enterprise-level operations, ensuring cohesive brand messaging and consistent results. Our comprehensive management of their divisions includes optimizing marketing campaigns, streamlining communication channels, and driving efficiency, all contributing to Cook & Boardman’s continued expansion and market leadership.


Digital Marketing

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Winston-Salem, NC

cook & boardman digital marketing service overview

Digital Marketing

Data-Driven Strategies

Digital marketing has been instrumental in helping Cook & Boardman grow its business and achieve its goals in the competitive market of secure opening solutions for commercial settings. By running strategic Google Ads and Microsoft Ads campaigns, we have been able to place their ads in front of users actively searching for commercial doors, frames, hardware, electronic security solutions, and related products. This has resulted in increased visibility, higher click-through rates, and ultimately, more conversions.

cook & boardman ecommerce

eCommerce Operations

Streamlined Shopping Solutions

The website provides a seamless shopping experience, optimized not only for user convenience but also for Google Ads efficiency. This ensures that Cook & Boardman products are easily discoverable by those seeking secure opening solutions. From high-quality commercial doors to reliable network infrastructure, the intuitive interface and advanced search functionalities ensure that users can quickly locate the products they require.

cook & boardman division sites

Division Site Management

Brand Consistency

Overseeing the Cook & Boardman family of companies involves meticulous attention to detail and strategic planning to optimize the performance and functionality of each division’s site, ensuring that it effectively serves its intended purpose within the broader framework of the company’s digital presence.


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