We Work For Our Clients.

Not For Awards.

The only recognition we care about is from our clients. We would rather build something effective that increases your sales than something unecessary that you write off as an expense.

There's A Dude in A Basement Somewhere

Hanging out in his briefs offering you a terribly inexpensive design for a logo or website. Even WE get those spammy emails offering "web services" for the same price as a couple Chipotle burritos. Come on dude. You get what you pay for. There is no template here at Metro, we build from scratch. Whether you need a new website, billboard, or logo. Check out some of our portfolio items below to get a taste of what we could do for you.

Marketing That Is Held Accountable.

Let's be real here. If you are investing money into marketing whether it be digital or traditional shouldn't you be able to hold it accountable to the results it creates? Short answer… YES! Quit wasting your money on marketing that doesn't work and get an idea of what it SHOULD do below. Learn how we...

It's All In The Production.

Whether we're directing Cedar Rapids Kernels games, producing test accommodation videos for national testing companies, following Presidential political candidates during election season, broadcasting live from music concerts, or working on corporate videos for clients like Wells Fargo, Mercy Hospital, Mi-T-M, or dozens of other clients, we have the expertise you simply cannot find anywhere else.

Want to join the team?

Do you have an eye for design, a way with words, or a creative or quirky way of looking at the world? If yes, let's talk.

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