Video Services

LTN Services

What's LTN? Metro Studio's LTN service is a live broadcast or streaming service that can be transmitted globally. We offer location services using the newest technology on the market that allows us to send HD video anywhere you want. As one of the few LTN service providers in Iowa, you will receive the best professional quality live broadcast service in Iowa.

Do It Live With LTN

News stations are limited. They need satellite trucks to broadcast live signals and can only share their feed with member stations and affiliates. Since we’re an independent video production company, Metro Studios can send our signal to any cable outlet. We can multicast several live or pre-recorded video streams to your chosen destination using a controlled network, all while avoiding the unpredictability of the Internet.

With this point-to-point delivery, there’s no need for a satellite truck, your sources don’t have to drive hours to the nearest studio, and we can send the feed to the location(s) you specify. With nearly 350 miles separating Des Moines and Chicago, Cedar Rapids is centrally located and easily accessible. As Eastern Iowa’s only provider of live video transport services, Metro Studios offers professional facilities for all your live video delivery needs.

Affordable, reliable, versatile and convenient are all the reasons you need to trust Metro Studios for your live broadcast needs.