Audio Production

Voice Over

With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Metro Studios can find that smooth and sultry, low raspy or high and ditsy voice that best fits your needs. You can set the perfect tone or tug on heart-strings by simply adding the right voice. With our audio experts, you will be ensured a voice over that exceeds all your expectations.

A Face Made For Radio

Metro Studios has developed close relationships with many local actors, models, voice-over artists and talent agencies. We only hire reliable and professional individuals, ensuring a quality recording for our clients. We will easily locate and provide experienced voice talent for your video shoot or recording. Once we’ve made contact, we invite them into our recording studio and the magic starts to happen.

Whether we’re laying down a dry track or adding effects, our audio engineer polishes your take to give it the best possible presentation. Once the recording is finished, we lay it under your video to verify that it’s the best fit. If it isn’t perfect, we’ll analyze what the issue is and go back to the drawing board. We work with the talent to make sure the appropriate inflection and delivery are achieved.

Give your new video some depth by working with Metro Studios. Our local recording studio is the perfect place to capture seamless sound for your voice over needs.