Perfecting Our Craft for 30+ Years.

Go ahead. Compare Metro Studios to any other video production company in Eastern Iowa area . . . or beyond.

The Power House of Production.

If you can find an agency that offers a whopping 125+ years of combined experience, decades of live sports and election coverage, award-winning production quality, state-of-the-art video and audio editing suites, the newest photography and video equipment, seasoned screenwriting and production talent, and professional and affordable service, hire them.

But guess what? Let us save you the trouble. You simply won't find anyone like Metro Studios. We've been perfecting our craft for more than 30 years. We've created videos for companies across the nation and for every type of event. Our people are experienced, warm, and lots of fun. Trust the Metro Studios production team with your next video project.

Facts Tell Stories Sell.

Whether we're directing Cedar Rapids Kernels games, producing test accommodation videos for national testing companies, following Presidential political candidates during election season, broadcasting live from music concerts, or working on corporate videos for clients like Wells Fargo, Mercy Hospital, Mi-T-M, or dozens of other clients, we have the expertise you simply cannot find anywhere else.

At Metro Studios, we're storytellers. We know video. And there's a lot to know. We begin by creating storyboards from your ideas. Then the fun begins. We script, schedule and handle all the logistics, conduct interviews, shoot, gather b-roll, make sure sound levels are perfect, find the ideal voice talent, edit, add graphics, lay music tracks, and keep working until you're completely satisfied.

What we offer.

Web Development.

Whatever the level of web development integration you decide upon, we can give you the latest information and guidance in establishing a truly scalable and efficient web site.


There is protected and accessible space for your businesses' website on Metro Studios' servers. Host with Metro Studios and feel confident that customer information, products, and all other data has a safe, secure home.

Web Support.

Stay focused on the important work and allow the expert developers at Metro Studios to take care of all website updates. On a monthly maintenance plan, adding content, making email address modifications, fixing unexpected bugs and any other issue is as easy as shooting us an email.

Live Events.

Sports production is an exciting and fast paced segment of live event productions at Metro Studios. The quick pace, deadlines, on field promotions, the athletics and unexpected developments from injuries to weather create an extremely dynamic and chaotic environment. We love it! Metro Studios offers 24/7 live news insert (live shots) services for all domestic and international news and sports networks, from our fully-equipped state-of-the-art facility located by the corn fields of Iowa.