Our Work


ProCircular is a cybersecurity and compliance firm providing realistic, actionable and expert guidance to organizations looking to improve their security readiness, meet regulatory commitments, and address the ever-changing landscape of cyber threats.

A Glimpse into the Cybersecurity Sector

A New Spin to Storytelling

Our experienced video team worked on two videos showcasing and elaborating on the success of the CEO and the success the company has had with its clients.

procircular employee
procircular exterior side
procircular mug
procircular employee code


Following a pre-production meeting, our team developed a list of questions to gain insight on the inner workings of the company and best tell ProCircular’s story.

B-Roll Footage

Keeping authenticity at the center, our team captured moments of collaboration, diligence, and affinity.

procircular collaboration

Voice Over

In coordination with professional voice talent, our team recorded audio that articulates an intended message.

ProCircular Animated Logo

Post-Production Process

After a review of the footage and transcription of interviews, the story comes to life with editing and sequencing content. With an emphasis on cohesion, our producers set the mood, tone, and form a multi-media narrative.

Drone Video Content

Showcasing all aspects of the business, our team shot video of ProCircular’s exterior. Recorded on DJI Phantom 4 in 4K, our team captured stunning aerial footage bringing a new view of the company to consumers.

procircular exterior front