Our Work

Lease Consultants

Lease Consultants provides inventory financing for equipment companies such as manufacturers and distributors.

The Website

A Fresh Start

Lease Consultants had an outdated website that needed to be modernized. They needed an updated, user-friendly site with a defined brand to help draw in new clients.

Lease Consultants Homepage
Lease Consultants Financing Page
Lease Consultants LCC Workbench Page
Lease Consultants What Our Customers Say Page
Lease Consultants Get a Quote Page

Customer First

Metro Studios created a new, user-friendly website. Their website needed to present who they are as well as be a source for customers to log into to use Lease Consultants’ financial calculator and credit application.

Lease Consultants Website Design Mobile Version

Vibrant Look

Our team worked with Lease Consultants on creating their specific color scheme to provide an eye-catching look from the first click to their website. Our team was able to accomplish a modern, clean design for their entire website.

Lease Consultants Corporate Office

Customer Satisfaction

To save Lease Consultants time and money in the long-run, our team also updated the PHP code on the back-end of the website to create a new platform which made it easier for returning customers to use.

Lease Consultants Paperwork