Our Work

Ghost Strong

Ghost Strong is a powerlifting equipment company that sells its equipment as well as its gear on its Ghost Strong Gear website. Their motto is “Success Over Swagger,” because they believe in working hard in the gym, not posing for gym selfies.

The Website

A User-Friendly Experience

Ghost Strong came to Metro Studios with the goal to open an e-commerce store for their new businesses. They needed a website that told the story of their brand as well as gave users the opportunity to purchase their products online.

Ghost Strong Our Story
Ghost Strong Products Page
Ghost Strong J-Cups Product Page

A New Perspective

Metro Studios dedicated a few days to take photos and videos to showcase the powerful Ghost Strong branded equipment. With our custom photography and videography, we were able to capture powerlifters in real-time with Ghost Strong equipment.

Ghost Strong Website Design Mobile Version

Hardcore Branding

Our team also designed the logos and the websites to reflect the hardcore values of the two companies. We built the websites in WordPress so the client can manage products and edit it as needed. The Ghost Strong site features an e-commerce store that utilizes freight shipping as the equipment is too large to ship any other way.

Ghost Strong Photography Lifting