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FireWalker Publishing needed a website that tells their story and provides context to what their morales are as an independent publisher. The site needed a shop for customers to view available books from the company’s authors.


Dedicated to igniting positive change, the FireWalker Publishing website uses bold imagery and design elements to showcase the passion the company has for sharing impactful stories. The textures and motifs spark interest while keeping narratives at the forefront.


The FireWalker Publishing website is striking and compelling, just like their stories. The new site supports authors who advocate for change and transformation with their writing.


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FireWalker Publishing is an independent publisher dedicated to addressing the human condition — all the joy, fear, delight, pain, hope, and grief that comes along with being alive.

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“Metro Studios is the most complete partner a business could have when building on online presence. Their team brought my vision to life in better ways than I imagined. I could not be more pleased with them and recommend them every chance I get.”

Ernest Philips

Founder of FireWalker Publishing

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