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Our Work - TanTara Transportation
TanTara Transportation

TanTara is a one-call transportation resource. As businesses prepare to ship their next load on open bed flatbed trucks, dry van, curtain side Conestoga trailer, or tank, they always call TanTara Transportation Corp.

What the Client Needed

As with other trucking companies across the nation, TanTara was in dire need of effective driver recruitment. Their previous recruitment efforts were not paying off, so they needed to find another solution.

Services Provided

  • SEO
  • Social Media Management
  • Web Design

Metro Studios' Solution

When the Metro Studios SEO team first began working with Tantara, we were also building their website. We learned of their dire need to hire truck drivers. Like most companies, TanTara used their marketing dollars on traditional marketing, yet nothing was sticking. They needed qualified traffic, qualified leads, and qualified applicants. Our recommendation was to utilize Facebook dark posts. Sometimes called unpublished posts, these tap into deep Facebook demographic data. Dark posts are a terrific tool to target your desired customer or applicant. You can find out a lot of information, including age, location, preferences, marital status . . . And the list goes on and on.

Facebook has so much data. But you need to know how to access it. For TanTara, we created two different landing pages: one that touted their benefits and one that described the company. Then we used A/b testing, a.k.a split testing, comparing both versions of these web pages. We also used Facebook ads to determine whom we would target. When we started running the TanTara campaign, we started with clicks that cost about a dollar or two and then we fine-tuned our ads.

The Results

As you can imagine, web visitors began commenting on posts and saying that TanTara was a great company. That online buzz boosted our engagement and lowered TanTara's cost-per-click. In fact, for targeted leads of qualified drivers, TanTara's click rate fell from a dollar to a dime per click! How's that for saving money?

Numbers don't lie. More than 85 people applied at TanTara in a mere three months. And talk about ROI. TanTara said hiring just one qualified driver paid for their entire Facebook campaign.

With results like these, your business can't afford not to work with Metro Studios. Call us today!

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