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Our Work - Field Wall Pads
Field Wall Pads

Field Wall Pads is a manufacturer of stadium and gymnasium wall padding. They were having issues seeing a good return on their Paid Search Advertising. See how we saved them $11,000 on AdWords.

The Problem:

Field Wall Pads was trying to handle AdWords on their own; giving the duties to in-house sales people. They weren't seeing a healthy ROI with their efforts. In a year they had only received 20 leads through their Paid Search efforts but were spending around $1,000 per lead acquisition.

Services Provided

  • Google AdWords

Our Solution:

We spent many hours digging into their AdWords account, giving it an overhaul. Things like adding negative keywords to prevent attracting unqualified traffic to our ad. We also A/B tested our newly created ads. We monitor and work in our client's accounts every day, with the goal in mind ot increase clicks, lower our client's overall spend and produce ads that convert.

Google Adwords


The Results:

We increased their leads from 20 to 80 in one year and lowered their cost to do AdWords by $11,000 and that's after they paid us to manage it. Field Wall Pads leads increased 300% and their cost per lead went from $1,000 to $122.17.

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