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The Spiders Have Spoken

Posted on 03.31.2015

Bet you didn’t know that Google changes its search algorithm more than 500 times each and every year. That’s a lot of updates. Sometimes these changes are a blip on the radar; sometimes the updates affect search results in major new ways—remember Pigeon, Penguin and Panda?

Google has the power to determine which factors should push websites higher in search results. And being at the top of the first page of web results is a very big deal. A few of these algorithm updates have included: content, digital piracy, authorship photos, and secure sites.

Now Google is poised to roll out another change on April 21, 2015. And we hope you’re ready.

At Metro Studios, we’ve long beat the drum in favor of responsive design. We incorporate it in everything we do and design. In an increasingly mobile society, it just makes common sense that your website can adapt to whatever device and whatever size screen—smart phone, tablet, laptop, computer—your viewer is using. Responsive design responds seamlessly to the needs of your users and any technology they’re using. How does it work? The layout changes to adapt to the size of each unique device.
While Google has previously used its algorithm to rank responsive web design sites higher in search results, it’s making that move official in 21 days. What does this mean for you?

On April 21, Google will expand their use of mobile-friendly websites as a ranking signal. This is a major change and will affect web searches across the globe in all languages, according to Google. As a result, users will find it much easier to access highly relevant, optimized results on their electronic devices.

Is your website ready for this important change? Is it optimized for mobile devices? If not, Metro Studios can help. But first here’s a little more information about the Google update.

For the last month, Google’s spider (or web crawling bot) has been spinning quite an intricate web on the Web. Googlebot has been crawling around and collecting data about rankings and indexing those results. In my mind, I picture them as the creepy crawly robotic spiders from Minority Report. Now they have the information they need. There will be no waiting; the change will take place immediately on April 21. How will this affect you? Tech experts have been referring to April 21 as “mobilegeddon,” but whether this is an exaggeration is yet to be proven. But there will be negative effects for those who aren’t prepared.

Small businesses, in particular, will face the greatest challenge in getting up to speed in the next three weeks. Rather than risk the chance of falling lower in the rankings or having your search results buried, contact Metro Studios to see how we can help. We’re experts in responsive design and can help optimize your site so you experience the most visibility for your brand and your business.