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Sometimes Numbers Do Lie

Posted on 09.28.2015

In a world full of streaming information and digital data, a small mistake can result in errors all down the line. Marketers and brands are learning this the hard way in analytics.

When it comes to “big data,” many companies look only at the final report or the concluding summary. Sure, they see the larger picture, but they don’t know if it’s accurate. If there is missing data — pages that were tagged incorrectly, keywords that don’t match goals, conversion rates that don’t fit the overall strategy — that will adversely affect and skew the final summary. Many companies simply don’t invest in data quality.

At Metro Studios, we know that attention to detail is critical when it comes to data. We do our homework. We learn about your market, your industry, and your competition. The size of your SEO opportunity is related to the quality of our keyword research. We follow strict and standardized procedures for gathering this data. Our insights are solid so that our reporting — big and smaller data — is accurate.

We know that a house built on a crooked foundation will never be stable. Eventually it will crumble and crack. The same is true for websites. When you build a webpage, you need accurate and precise coding. You need a firm foundation.

At Metro Studios, we do everything for our clients. When you invest in our online marketing services, we are completely transparent. We start by defining what a qualified lead is for your company. This differs for each client.

We set up your conversion tracking properly from the start and manually filter all your leads. While other firms may count a simple page visit or an email list sign up as a lead — which results in misleading data — we calculate only accurate and qualified leads.

The data we provide is easy to understand, interpret, and follow. That’s because everything we do is based upon your goals and our shared definitions. We enjoy interacting with our clients and love seeing our work turn into leads that help grow your business.