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What Should You Ask When Choosing a Web Design Firm

Posted on 01.09.2019

When looking to start a fresh, new website for your business, you want it to be aesthetically pleasing, intrigue customers and function properly, but how do you decide which firm to work with? What should you ask the experts? Our questions below can advise you on what to ask and what to expect.

1. What are the benefits of hosting with you?

It’s important to know what your potential web development firm’s expertise consists of to see if they can develop what you are envisioning. The services offered can vary from one firm to another, so having them explain what they can provide can help you decide if they will be the right fit. In addition to their explanation, look at their website to see the results from other clients.
Metro Studios offers multiple benefits:

  • Our version control (GIT) allows us to revert back to every single change that was ever made across the website. Some web companies only save their websites at checkpoints, so they can’t track the changes that were made to the website.
  • Our server administrators run, update and maintain the security of our servers, so private information is kept confidential.
  • We do not give out FTP access which means no one outside your company will ever have access to your site files unless you want them to. This security measure lessens the chance of your site being corrupted or hacked.
  • We have dedicated customer service when hosting with us. Unlike large companies, you can be in contact with us immediately instead of being on hold. Our clients are our priority, and we make them feel like it by answering any questions with our years of experience

2. How long will it take to make the website?

Generally, it can take 12-14 weeks to build a site, but it depends on timeliness from the client. When you inform the web development firm about when your goal to launch the website is, a timeline can be set. It is crucial to be on the same page with the agency so misunderstandings are minimized. The success of finishing the website on time also falls on your shoulders as the client. In order for the agency to continue their process, their questions need to be answered and approval dates need to be met to stick to the launch date.

3. How much will it cost to create a new website?

The cost will depend on what you are looking to build on your future site. Web companies need a certain amount of discovery time to give you a quote. Once your expectations for the new site are established and the web company has an idea of what the website will entail, a quote will be given.

4. Can you explain the web build process?

With every company, there will be a different process for creating a new website. You can help the process by understanding who will be involved in creating your website, what their role will be and where your input will be needed throughout the development.
In short, once Metro Studios has a new client, we research the company, meet with the client to learn what their goals are, create a strategy, write the content and create design mockups. Once strategy, content and design mocks are approved by the client, the Metro Studios developers begin building a development site which is a site that functions exactly how your new site will without being live on the internet. Every client’s needs are different, so we create a plan to best suit our clients’ visions.

5. What CMS will my site be built in?

The Content Management System (CMS) is what your website will be built in. Depending on what your goals are for the website, a company can recommend what CMS would be beneficial for your website.
Metro Studios primarily works in WordPress and Boost. Boost is a custom built CMS created by the Metro Studios Team. Boost offers the flexibility to build a customized website that can be easily built upon as your needs grow.

6. How can I make updates to my site?

It is important to ask your web design agency how you will be able to make updates to your site because improvements should happen frequently. In some cases, you will be able to easily update your website but for certain changes, you will have to ask your web company.
When making updates to your website, having a maintenance plan can be helpful; it is a monthly plan that allows you to submit maintenance requests to our web team. Instead of worrying about it yourself, our web team can complete your request quickly and correctly.

7. Will my website be fully custom or a customized theme?

A fully customized website is more flexible and catered to that individual person whereas a theme is more rigid in what you can do.

8. What SEO services do you offer?

Having a successful online presence is more than just a new website. Without Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your customers won’t be able to find your newly designed site, and you won’t be able to track how successful the site is.
At Metro Studios, we provide on-page, technical and measurement SEO services. Our SEO team sets up each content page so your site can successfully rank and be found in search. To help customers find your site, we add a sitemap to your website so search engines can easily find and display what the user is looking for. By using Google Analytics, we can give you access to monitor the amount and quality of the traffic that visits your website after it launches.
As a digital marketing agency, Metro Studios has the expertise to create and maintain a customized website. Let’s build your vision together. Call us at 319-363-2002 or send us a message.