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How Does Your Email Marketing Rank?

Posted on 09.18.2015

In this corner of the ring, it’s Google. And in that corner of the ring, it’s spam.

On August 10, 2015, Google received approval for a patent that may someday penalize businesses for sending out junk mail or spam. Originally filed in 2012, this patent allows Google to analyze email marketing to rank brands in search results.

However, Google has only patented the idea of doing this. They have not rolled out a new algorithm yet. But Google doesn’t spend time and resources on fluffy projects. So it’s important to bone up on this new development so you’re not scrambling when a new change is rolled out.

The patent — with the sexy and catchy title of “Email Spam and Junk Mail As A Vendor Reliability Signal” — means Google can scrutinize online vendors using email patterns and signals. Then, based on the information they gather, they can determine whether a vendor is reliable. Google’s belief is that a trusted company does not send junk mail.
But what else is at play?

According to the patent, Google may survey a variety of factors, and may be able to crawl the links of email marketing messages. By doing so, they can determine whether the links are helpful or harmful to a brand’s page.

Like preceding Google changes — remember Mobilegeddon? — this type of change has the potential to push your company higher in Google rankings or bury you in search results. It’s all about ranking preferences. But, again, it’s only a patent.

Until Google announces a change, it’s best to stay informed. But what can you do in the meantime? You can take a good look at your current email marketing strategy and learn how to improve your online marketing reach.
Playing offense is always easier than playing defense. Learn as much as you can about this new patent and use any lead time to make sure you’re running clean and concise email marketing campaigns designed to truly help your current and future customers.