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Are Facebook Ads Right For You?

Posted on 04.13.2015

Facebook is big. Facebook is powerful.
Facebook is an online giant.
Need proof? Check out some of these staggering stats. Facebook has:

  • More than 1.3 billion monthly active users
  • More than 890 million active daily users
  • More than 70 percent of adults who visit every month.

As a small business owner, that’s a very large stage. And in order to be a player, you need to target your audience and reach your ideal customers. However, Facebook now offers brands fewer opportunities for organic reach.
With all those eyeballs focused on this social media platform, Facebook ads—those boxes you see to the right of your profile— are a great way to connect with current and future clients. Many marketing professionals consider Facebook ads powerful marketing tools. Using Facebook ads allows you to more specifically and economically reach your target audiences.
Here are six reasons we recommend Facebook ads to our clients:

  1. Connections. You can customize ads for people who like your main page or your fan page, who attend your events, who download your app, or who interact with you in other ways. The stronger the connection, the more likely that person is to share your content and recommend your business.
  2. Targeted. You know your ideal customers; you know whom you’d like to reach. Facebook ads allow you to target your selected demographic. You can choose by gender, age, city, and personal interests. You can even target newlyweds, couple who just had their first child, or people who have retired. Facebook can analyze user profiles—spooky, but useful—and push your ads to pages that mention a specific keyword. For example, if someone discusses her love of shoes and you sell shoes, Facebook will target that customer on your behalf. Effective, elegant, and easy.
  3. Location. Facebook ads can be customized to reach any area(s) you choose. Perhaps you’re opening a new branch or building in a different town. Facebook ads allow you to target that city and surrounding areas. You can see your potential reach when you’re designing your ad. Why advertise in Peoria if your business is located in Palm Springs?
  4. Money. Whether you pay per click (CPC) or per ad view (CPM), most Facebook ads are very economical. Because you’ll run a targeted ad campaign and not blanket all of Facebook, you’ll pay less for your online campaign. In addition, you can choose from a variety of impression-based campaigns that will allow you to reach as many users as your budget will allow.
  5. Flexible. Compared with Google AdWords, Facebook ads are much less expensive and much easier to modify and customize. Why?  Facebook ads permit you to create image-based ads and allow you more characters for your ad descriptions. And let’s face it, Google just doesn’t know people like Facebook knows people.
  6. Purchases. Have you ever ordered something online, opened your Facebook page, and then seen an ad from the company you just visited? Talk about targeted. Facebook ads, like Amazon purchase behaviors (i.e. If you liked this, you may also like this), find people based on their purchase history. This specificity allows you to save money on your ad campaign. If someone is constantly buying video games and acne cream online, it’s a safe bet you don’t want to sell them your retirement planning guide.

At Metro Studios, we’ve seen the power of Facebook ads to help our clients. We’d love to talk to you about ways to improve your website and grow your business. Contact us today to learn more.