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5 iPhone Video Tips to Promote Your Brand

Posted on 07.02.2015

Annual meetings, conferences, trade shows, company websites, marketing campaigns … these are but a few places where you want to display and share professional, high-grade videos produced by experts, like our team at Metro Studios.

But when it comes to everyday events, informal interviews, and impromptu occasions, you probably have neither the time nor the budget nor the need for video magic. Perhaps you want to capture a moment in time and post it on your site or YouTube channel.

Whip out your iPhone. You’ve taken pictures and video with your phone before and you know the quality is excellent. So why not use the phone to promote your business or brand?

Imagine the possibilities. You can interview a client for a testimonial, videotape employees at an event, record an update about a product, shoot footage for a vlog, or film casual introductions from your sales team and post them on your website. If it’s a small-scale project, consider doing the video yourself.

Here are 5 tips to get the most out of your iPhone video:
1. Use a tripod. Yes, your phone comes with stabilization features, but nothing beats a tripod for clean shooting. Avoid the shaky, blurry Blair Witch Project look. Use a mount for your iPhone.

2. Add extra features. Download software that will boost your video quality. For example, VideoPro Camera provides options for zoom control, focus, and white balance, among other features.

3. Listen. Use headphones while you’re videotaping so you can record the best quality audio. Though you may be seeing great video, if your audio is the pits, you can’t use the clip. Many audio apps are free; here are 10 great ones to consider.

4. Mic your source. For the crispest sound, invest in a microphone. Whether you choose a high-end remote wireless mic, a Bluetooth mic, or an Apple product, learn what works best for your needs.

5. Edit like a boss. Some people think shooting and editing on a tablet is the easiest approach. On a tablet, you can easily see what you’ve just shot, edit the clips, and download them. No matter what device you use, be sure to download Apple’s iMovie to get started.

The best way to learn is to experiment. If you have the staff, consider asking at least two people to learn to shoot with iPhones. If it’s just you, try a few simple shoots. And when you need the big guns for a major video project, Metro Studios is just a phone call away.