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Holiday Wishes Through the Power of Social Media

For more than 20 years, Metro Studios has created a fun, entertaining annual holiday video, featuring employees and clients. With the growth of our social media clients, we decided that a different holiday approach was in order. After a lot of brainstorming and hard work, the team hit upon a great plan.

Our first ever holiday caption contest was a unique way to wish Metro Studios’ clients and friends a happy holiday season. The holiday caption contest allowed us to explore a completely different avenue—social media. With the help of 12 Metro Studios clients, and the Metro Studios’ video and web departments, the holiday caption contest showed the power of social media and how it can be used to engage customers with a brand.

Adrian Brambila, SEO and social media strategist, was pleased the contest reach and results were such a success. “We set modest goals for the campaign, but they far surpassed our expectations!”

After reindeer suits and holiday costumes were rented and photographers put in place, the Metro Studios team set out to capture twelve images—both comical and realistic—to encourage our Facebook community to post witty, clever comments. And that’s exactly what a huge number of individuals did.

On December 8, we posted the first image featuring Roll Out Mat and it reached more than 5,600 unique visitors.

Thanks to Metro Studios’ and our client’s organic reach, and paid search using boosted posting, users remained active and engaged for the duration of the contest.  Organic reach came as a result of the likes on our page, as well as our client’s pages, and shares that came from that audience. Paid search engagement came as a result of the $20 per day of targeted advertising that Metro Studios felt would increase engagement and participation in the contest . . . and it did!

As a result of both paid and organic reach, the aggregated photos resulted in a combined 139 shares, 753 likes, and 1,261 comments.  Because of the increased Facebook engagement for our clients, we saw double-digit percentage increases in page likes for many of our participating clients, some increasing nearly 25 percent in just one week.

In total, the campaign reached 40,193 people and made 63,539 impressions, where “reach” is defined by people and “impressions” are defined by how many times a post was viewed. Impressions will always be higher because one person may view a post image multiple times. In this case, each individual reached viewed a photo from the campaign on average of 1.5 times. During the twelve days of posting images, the contest reached an average of 3,349 people daily.

The outstanding results of the campaign were a reaffirmation of what we already know and have been experiencing with social media clients: social media is a powerful tool.  If you want to engage current and perspective clients or customers, it’s critical to use social media in 2015.  Spend time providing value to and engaging customers and clients with content on the platforms where they spend the most time. With diligence, persistence, and creativity, social media can become one of your most successful marketing tools.

Holiday Caption Contest Client Participants

Arizona Biltmore Golf Course
Children’s Dental Village
Cedar Rapids Convention and Visitors Bureau
Crystal Group
Infinity Skin Care
Jones County Fair
Nelson Manufacturing
Overhead Door of Cedar Rapids and Iowa City
Premier Staffing Agency
Roll Out Mat
USA Entertainment

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