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17 Reasons Your Business Should Use YouTube

If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? Quite a lot, if YouTube is any indication.

Ready for some blow-your-socks-off stats? Did you know that . . .

  • More than one billion unique users visit YouTube every month?
  • Every minute 100 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube?
  • More video is uploaded to YouTube in one month than all three of the major US TV networks created in 60 years?
  • Viewers watch six billion hours of video on YouTube each month?
  • YouTube is viewed in 61 countries?
  • More than a million advertisers (mainly small businesses) use Google Ad platforms?

According to AdWeek, the best brand channels on YouTube include GoPro, Six Pack Shortcuts, PlayStation and Warner Brothers Pictures, among others. These brands all regularly publish fresh content targeted at their customer base. They know posting frequent content is the best way to maximize video marketing goals.

But you don’t have to be a big name with a big budget to make an impact. In fact, thousands of channels are making six figures each year. And besides, it’s hard to put a dollar amount on connecting with current clients or discovering new ones.

Here are 17 reasons you should start your own business YouTube channel:

  1. People have short attention spans. (What were you saying?) Most folks would rather watch a short video than read about your business or product. The more engaging the video, the more likely your viewers will watch it clear to the end.
  2. Creating a video is easy and economical. With today’s technology—including webcams and cell phones—most people can create fresh and original content for very little time or money.
  3. Video conveys emotions and allows you to connect with your followers in a deeper way.
  4. Using YouTube is free.
  5. Your YouTube videos can be used on other social media platforms, ensuring they’re viewed as much as possible. You can blog about your video, post it on your Facebook page, or tweet it.
  6. You can customize your YouTube channel. Your business is unique; make sure your page represents your brand and your image.
  7. YouTube is a great place to repurpose other content you’d like to share with customers. Think infographics, interviews, and podcasts.
  8. Posting original video will boost your SEO rank. Search engines really prefer sites with video.
  9. You can easily add video auto-captioning to reach the hearing impaired.
  10. Embedding a call to action (CTA) in your video content is a terrific method to drive traffic to your website.
  11. YouTube is a perfect forum for showing people how to use your products. Put together a quick “how to” video tutorial so your followers can see your product in action.
  12. Video is easy for others to share. If people like what you’re posting, they’ll send it to friends and co-workers, tweet it, or share it on Facebook or LinkedIn. Their forwards and shares cost you nothing and exponentially increase your reach.
  13. You can add oodles of tags to your videos to make them easier to find for your followers.
  14. Smartphones and tablets are optimized to play video content. In fact, video often plays better on mobile devices. That means your YouTube videos can reach people as they commute to work, wait in the doctor’s office, or whenever they’re on the go.
  15. Viewer comments provide instant feedback about your brand and provide opportunities for you to personally respond and answer questions.
  16. You can post and share customer testimonials on your YouTube channel.
  17. YouTube’s free analytics data gives you valuable information about demographics, viewer states, and discovery data. And the best part? It’s free.

If your small business isn’t on YouTube, it’s easy to get started. YouTube has print and video tutorials that provide step-by-step directions to hit the ground running.

Metro Studios would be glad to answer your questions and help get you started. Check out our Metro YouTube channel and then take a look at the personal account for Adrian, one of our awesome team members.

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