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Content Marketing: What’s the Big Deal about Fresh and New Content?

According to Seth Godin, a widely known and well respected marketer, “Content marketing is the only marketing left.”

What does this mean for businesses today? That, in order to remain competitive in your marketplace and market the most effectively, you must produce fresh and relevant content! As print advertising, telemarketing, and TV commercials fall by the wayside, internet and digital marketing is becoming increasingly more important. Today, a potential client’s first stop to finding who they want to give their business to is the Internet. He or she will go here to read reviews, learn and educate themselves on a business or organization, and ultimately base a decision off of this research.

Customers no longer want to be sold to in the traditional way, they want to be educated! The way we do this is through fresh and relevant content such as infographics, videos, or blogs. Anything that provides a value to your customer is considered high quality content. When customers first come to your website, they’re not necessarily ready to make a decision about your business or organization, but they ARE ready to consume your content. So, make sure it’s easy to find, and most importantly, that it’s there!

As of July 7, 2014, 86% of Business to Consumer businesses use content marketing. These companies are recognizing that in order to grow their business, they must be present where their customers are. If your customer is on a social networking site to be entertained, such as Facebook, be providing that entertainment for them using your brand. If your customer is on a social networking site to get a question answered, such as Twitter, be a resource for them to help get their question answered. Relationships take time and communication to be fostered. Social media sites and blogs reach 8 out of 10 Internet users in the U.S., so if you’re not doing both, being active in at least one of those areas is a must!

Content Marketing through Blogging

Arguably one of the easiest ways to produce content is through blogging. Blogging is a great way to be a resource for your customers and potential customers, but also is great for SEO purposes. Since Google crawls your site every 20-30 days looking for this new and fresh content, blog posts are a great way to get some new content out there every month and help improve your website’s rankings. Blogs are filled with relevant keywords specific to your industry. For example, if you are a realtor, in your blogs, you will be using words like “homes” and “homebuyers.” These keywords will naturally attract search engines and with more blog posts, your website will gain greater authority with Google.

Blogs also give your business the opportunity to gain backlinks, which also helps your rankings in Google. Not to mention the fact that you can push the blog out onto your social media sites which gains followers, likes, and retweets. All of these elements will help your search engine rankings in turn, gain you more business.

All in all, there’s a lot of business to be gained and members of your organization to be had, no matter what your goals as a company are. Cater to your customer’s needs and expectations, and they will come to you!

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