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SEO and Internet Marketing Predictions

Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing are changing and growing so fast. Does your business find it hard to keep up with all the newest developments? In the first edition of our Metro Minute, two of our Internet Marketing experts explain the latest trends for SEO and Internet marketing in 2014.

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Hey, what’s up YouTube?

I’m Adrian and I’m John and we’re from Metro Studios in beautiful Hiawatha, Iowa.

Today we’re talking about search engine optimization … otherwise known as SEO and Internet marketing. So, you may ask, who’s the big player in SE0?

As you can probably guess, Google is the biggest search engine as of today. But we need to take a look at the whole picture.

We want to share our 2014 predictions with you for both SEO and Internet marketing. If you thought there were a lot of changes in 2013, take that times 10 and apply it to what’s coming in 2014.

In 2013, Google changed how they ranked websites. In fact, they changed their whole Algorithm to expand on both their Penguin and Panda updates. Panda helped effectively rank websites that had higher quality content. While Penguin cracked down on sites that spammed search engines by building unnatural links.

Panda. Penguin. Those two changes alone made a huge impact on SEO. In 2014, Google is going to continue to put value on websites that create healthy, engaging, frik’a fresh content.

Speaking of animals, Google also released Hummingbird in 2013. It was the first complete algorithmic replacement since 2010. Google took its algorithm and tossed it in the trash.

Regular Joes noticed the changes on the search function of their mobile devices. Take your iPhone or Android and talk to the Google search app. “How do you interpret my words?”

People are very conversational when they talk to their mobile device. Hummingbird knows this, looks up multiple word meanings, and links those meanings together. Viola!

When you look at how Google penalized bad websites in 2013 … Like websites that provided no content or value at all? … Right!

If your marketing company, in fact, is still billing you for link building, you gotta kick them to the curb. In 2014 the best link strategy is going to be a content strategy.

Content is the key and context is the door. Content has always played a huge part in SEO.
A detailed content strategy is a game changer when it comes to comes to being tops in the search engines.

In 2014 we’ll continue to see the importance of high-quality, fresh content on every website. The best marketers—like John and I—will make sure you have the right content that is engaging for your audience, boosts your customer relationships, and increases your visibility.

We’ve come a long way from scrolls and the printing press. Today content is far more than just written text on a page.

Recently we’ve noticed an increase in social networks strictly geared toward that engaging visual content—networks like Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Vine, Snapchat and Jelly—have all made a huge splash in the last 18 months.

We believe visual content is just as important as written content. That’s why it’s critical that we—and you—incorporate these visual networks into all social media campaigns in 2014.

It’s not going to be enough to just be active on one or two social networks. What you need to do is not just be active, but engage with your customers.

The content marketing institute recently released a study that said, on average; most B-to-B marketers are active on seven social networks.


For those businesses that still don’t see the value or return from social media . . . Wake up!! As Social Media Guru Gary Vaynerchuck would say, “The only risk in social media is not doing it.”

Google Plus is a must. That’s because Google really sets the standard when it comes to SEO and Internet marketing. Google Plus is Google’s version of Facebook, in a sense.

We’ve already seen Google make changes to how marketers use their services to more effectively incorporate Google Plus. It’s clear Google drives this bus so you’d better hop on board.

In a recent study by Moz about ranking factors, researchers found Google Plus plays an increasingly significant role when it comes to SEO rankings.

You need to connect all of your content with Google Plus to obtain Google authorship. Doing this will increase your click-through rate and your author rank.

Successful Google authorship pairing will allow your Google profile picture to accompany your content on the search engine result pages.

Providing fresh, updated, and engaging content will help you get the credit you deserve in search engines. This year we expect Google will place an increased emphasis and weight on how people use Google Plus.

Well, that’s it for us for us at metro studios. If you take anything away from today’s video, know that you need to start creating high-quality engaging content And get on Google Plus and be active and engage with your customers.

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I’m John and I’m Adrian. And we’ll catch you on the next Metro Minute!

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