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Learn the Best Basic SEO Tips in Google from Crawlers to Content – How to Increase Your Traffic

A conversation about successful implementation of SEO internet marketing goes hand in hand with creating great content. SEO is a wide and diverse topic and this blog is going to help focus on some best tips and practices of applying Google SEO to your website which will help your business increase SEO, traffic, and ultimately conversions.

The Basics of Google SEO: Crawlers and Content

Before we get started I want set the stage on how search engines like Google operate. Each search engine uses crawlers or “spiders” that move at the speed of light with the mission to seek and report to the Google mothership. They search all websites on a FREQUENT basis constantly reporting updated pages, new content, and authentic SEO implementation. The websites that are search engine optimized and have any one of these updates will likely see an overall increase there page rank and SEO in Google searches.


Some initial things we can grasp from this are, SEO is not a one time event. SEO isn’t a house that you build once and are finished forever, it’s more of a garden that needs TLC. For example, website A and website B are 99% similar in content which the Google spider recognizes. A week passes and Google crawls both sites again and reads that website B has updated a new blog post with more keyword rich content. Google likes new content that is keyword rich and will favor the website in placing it higher then website A because of the new content.

The Best Tips for Increasing SEO Today

Blog posts are a very healthy way to increase SEO because they are comprised of text which is crawler friendly. Videos are great way to increase the time visitors spend on your site or to provide a call to action, however, they are NOT crawler friendly until you manually optimize them correctly. This means you need to accompany the video a proper keyword rich title and add a small bio or summary of the video so it can be traced by crawlers.

Now let’s say your business sells a product you typically don’t associate with interesting content like blogs or videos. A way you can trick the crawlers to look like you have updated content is to add, delete, change, or rearrange the text, title tags, and current content on your site. Even though the material will be relatively the same, the spider will see it as an update on your site because it will read a different order to the crawl from the last time it was there.

The final thing to note on today’s blog on the best tips for how to increase your SEO on Google is that SEO is a long term process. Taking these basic steps will not drastically change your traffic performance over night, but give a month or so of consistent content creating and site optimization and you will start to see an increase in views and traffic. SEO is often seen as a foreign language in your marketing department which is totally understandable because it really is a foreign language in which you need a true expert who is constantly learning and fully committed to SEO for your business. If you are interested in increasing your SEO check out some of our SEO services and portfolio items where we have proven results of increasing website rank, traffic, conversions and most importantly ROI.

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