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Make Your Website Better In 2013

New Year

Simplify Your Homepage

A beautiful homepage can get overrun by buttons, links and banners among others. With the start of a brand new year it’s time to break some of those bad habits.

Ask yourself if your newsletter really needs to link from the homepage. And if you truly think that clients won’t be able to find information without it being posted in three different locations. In this case, what seems like convenience can actually be a distraction.

Remember the value of space and attention on the homepage and consider these questions:

  • Who is my number 1 target (new or returning visitors) and do they know where to go next?
  • Can new visitors quickly understand what my business does from the homepage?
  • What are my main call-to-actions, and are they prominent or diluted by its surroundings?
  • Do I have duplicate links on the homepage that I can get rid of?
  • Does the content in my large feature area merit the attention and space it gets?
  • Is there valuable space being wasted by less important information and links?
  • Does the imagery on the homepage compliment or distract from my main call to actions?

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Spruce Up Your Top Landing Pages

If someone lands on your services page from another site or through a search, how would they interpret the content on the page? Would they read it? Would it make sense? Is it spelt out what they should do next? These questions should be considered for all of your top landing pages. Make sure viewers have the resources at hand to buy-in to your services and that there’s a good call-to-action to convert them into leads.

Convert more leads with a better landing page > Contact Metro Studios for a strategy and design quote.

Write For Your Customers

Writing content that’s insightful to your customers is a great way to stay top of mind. A blog is one way to do this and can generate new leads (by those who land on the page from a search engine).

Read through the rest of your site content too. Does it have the details you need to take the next step or would you leave and shop somewhere else?  Does your content have the power to generate leads? What’s missing or unnecessary?

Pack some power into your content this year > Contact Metro Studios for a content strategy review.

Invest In SEO

Whether you utilize your time or money, investing in some SEO for your site can lead to better search rankings, a more prominent site and higher conversions.  Search engine optimizers research keywords with quality traffic potential in your industry, apply them to your relevant pages (or create pages to address those topics) and increase interest in your site by encouraging customer reviews, requesting site listings and links back to your site.

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