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Reduce Shopping Cart Abandonment on Your Site

If your online checkout has a high abandonment rate, you’re not alone. Many online sites see a large percentage of dropouts during the checkout process. Minimize customer abandonment by understanding why they’re leaving and fixing the cause, if necessary.

Why Shoppers Might Abandon Their Carts:

Shopping Cart Abandonment

  • High shipping costs
  • New costs introduced late in the process
  • Slow or undefined delivery date
  • Shoppers not ready to buy
  • Shoppers wanting to compare before purchasingSaving Products for Revisiting / High Product Price
  • Checkout process is complex or confusingno guest checkout option / requesting too much information
  • Site registration required for purchasing
  • Unreliable site or technical problems
  • Product was out of stock

A few tips for helping reduce abandonment:

Provide Free Shipping

If you have high-dollar, lightweight products, free shipping can entice on-the-fence buyers to complete their purchase. While it may reduce your margin for each sale, you may end up with a greater number of sales to re-coop the cost.

Show Costs Upfront

Don’t wait until check-out to unload a list of hidden fees – your potential transactions may drop like flies. Instead install a calculator that estimates the shipping price of all  items as they add to their carts.

Define Delivery Timeframes

Clear shipping and delivery timeframes is a must – especially during the holiday season. The shipping and delivery timeframe of products can play a major role in a buyer’s decision to purchase, so make sure your buyers can find this information.

Save Carts

Saving abandoned shopping carts is a nice gesture to your shoppers. After a little thought, comparison shopping or a fresh paycheck, a number of your shoppers may return to complete their purchase. Making sure their cart is ready for them when they return will make their experience easier and the chance of order fulfillment more successful.

Send a Helpful Reminder

Sending buyers a friendly email reminder about their abandoned transactions within a week or two can clean up a decent number of sales (not all, but some).

Keep the Purchasing Process Short and Sweet

Complex online transactions can deter your shoppers from completing their purchase. Keep your process to as few questions/pages as possible and make sure a support number or information is easily viewable in case of confusion or questions.

Guest-Option Purchasing

Not everyone is comfortable with creating an account to purchase items so offer a guest option that allows buyers to purchase an item without a username and password.

Test for Bugs and Errors Regularly

A site error can go undetected by businesses for days and weeks if not checked regularly. Having a process in place to notice changes in purchase quantities or site malfunctions will help your site run more smoothly. Don’t wait for your customers to call support to find errors.

Note Out-Of-Stock Items Sooner

Imagine your customer getting to the checkout only to find out their item isn’t available. How frustrating, right? Post this information before the checkout if possible, so that your customers aren’t going through the process unnecessarily.

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