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Increase Your Email Click-Thru Rates by Investing in these 4 Areas

Climbing the ScaleIf you’re devoting time and resources into email marketing, make sure you’re getting measureable results from them. A few adjustments here and there can make all the difference when funneling down your conversions.

Check out these four areas to make sure you’re converting the highest amount of traffic to your landing pages.

The Subject Line

A great subject line is one of your best weapons for increasing your traffic rates – yet if you’re like most of us (admit it) – it becomes an after-thought filled in just before pushing send. Make a point to change this habit and consider writing 3-4 versions before deciding on a subject line to send. A-B testing is a great way to test the effectiveness of your subject lines if you have the option or time to commit to sending out two versions to compare. Here are a few other tips to consider:

  • As a general rule, keep your subject lines under 50 characters – with the most  important portion at the beginning (in case the end is cut off)
  • Keep them interesting. Instead of writing out the same subject line each month for a series of emails, jazz them up a bit (ie. from “Metro Studios November Tips >” to “Increase Your Click-Through Rates > November Tips from Metro”
  • Check your spam risk before sending – many blasting programs have an option to check this.
  • Make sure the email they see in the subject line corresponds with the sender’s email address (ie. “4 Tips for Effective Emails >” from webexperts@metrostudios.net). Also, if your recipients work with certain reps at your company, personal sender addresses work great too.

By taking the time to write out effective subject lines you can greatly increase the effectiveness of your open rates.

Email Content

Effective emails often focus on two objectives once the viewer is introduced to the email; making their message clear and their call to action clickable. In instances where your main objective is to get viewers to click on a specific link (a call-to-action email), keep your content focused on that one message. Email templates offer tempting sidebars and content boxes that allow you to add tons of links and messages in each email. While suitable for a newsletter or informative email, try to resist these for call-to-action emails as they can take your viewer away from your main objective.

Keeping the layout of your email simple can also increase the focus back onto your content and call-to-action. Make sure that your content can be easily read and followed by eliminating or moving small images that may cut up the content and making sure that backgrounds and font colors do not affect readability.

Make sure that your call to action is clear. This may be the entire reason for sending this email, so make sure it’s noticed. Here are some suggestions for making your call to action stand out:

  • Entice your viewers by writing an action based link “Accept Your Free Copy of 10 Tips for Better Email Messages”
  • Bold and use a different font color
  • Increase font size
  • Create a button that they can click on
  • Put the call to action on its own line

Finally, make sure that the subject line of the email and the landing page that follows the click-through, accurately reflect the message in the email. Recipients should not be caught off guard when they click on these – such instances often cause viewers to jump ship early.

Need help writing engaging email content? Contact Metro  Studios. We have writers on hand that will work with you to help turn your message into results.

Landing Pages

So your viewer’s decided to click on the link in your email and they’ve landed on your designated page (be it your website, form or product page). Now what? The landing page should entice your viewer to act. Don’t just send them to your homepage or a list of field forms. Customize the page so they are obliged to accept your offer.

Lists and Data

As a final tip for effective emails, make sure you’re checking the performance of your email at least a few days after each blast. Checking your open rates, click-throughs and bounces can provide great insight as to how your viewers react to your emails. If your emails aren’t being opened – adjust your subject line and consider re-blasting, if they’re not clicking through – reevaluate the layout and content on your page. Also cleaning up your lists by eliminating your permanent bounces can ensure that you aren’t wasting time and money blasting to dead addresses.

Putting some extra thought into these key areas will go a long ways in providing you with your highest traffic potential. Happy blasting!

Need some guidance in any of these areas? Metro Studios is happy to assist you with your email marketing efforts.

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