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4 Ways to Increase Facebook Traffic

First things firstfacebook button.

Generating good content that’s helpful, valuable and/or engaging is number 1 in keeping viewers coming back for more. So make sure you’re doing this before you make your first impression by inviting them to your page. Here’s an article by HootSuite.com that provides some ideas if you aren’t currently doing so. In the same respects you should keep the posts coming. Depending on industry and your enthusiasm, anywhere from once a week to daily is a good place to fall.

Add widgets and icons to your website.

Of course, if you have a Facebook page you’re likely promoting it on your website. Once your content is flowing though, boost your traffic by adding popular widgets to your page like a facebook activity feed, the “Like” icon to articles and blogs or a subscribe button. Not sure how to embed these Facebook widgets? Click here for a step by step guide or contact Metro. We’ve got widgi-techs who can help.

Add an icon to your electronic signature.

This can be a great way to pick up some loyal Facebook fans. All of those business contacts who are already happy with the services or products you sell them seem like a natural fit for your fan page, right? If you haven’t hooked these clients yet, you’ve at least got one foot in the door. Give it a shot and see how many new visitors you can acquire over the next few months.

Personally invite them.

If you’re ready to get those numbers, send out a Facebook promotion via email. Some email blasting programs offer social media templates already set up so all you need is your picture or business logo, a short message and an enticing subject line. Throwing in an incentive can also offer greater influence. If you’re looking for a custom design, content generation or insight on increasing your click-through rates you can also contact Metro Studios. We’re happy to assist.

Once you have their attention, captivate them via Facebook.

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