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Film Look at a Video Price Tag

How do you get the look and feel of cinematic film at a lower video price tag?

Now that local TV stations are broadcasting local commercial breaks in HD, it’s time to take the visuals of your products or services to the next level.

Just shoot your next commercial or video with an HDSLR video camera (High Definition Single Lens Reflex).

With a great creative idea, Metro can produce your commercial or video to look and feel like a national commercial, without the time and expense of the large crew and equipment.  Take a look at this recent TV campaign produced by Metro Studios:

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Shooting your next commercial or video with an HDSLR camera will make your business stand out from your competition.

So, how can it look like an expensive film shoot?

  • The camera’s sensor reacts and feels like film.
  • The sensor is 2 to 3 times larger than a typical video camera chip, so it captures light better.
  • Varying frame rates give the professional photographer numerous options.
  • The edges of the HD format are softened; they don’t look sharp and plastick-y.
  • The camera utilizes many different film lenses. These lenses are higher quality than most video lenses, offering a more true reproduction of the image.
  • Use a professional photographer who is very experienced with lighting and composition, and who understands and utilizes the short depth-of-field.
  • It’s still a normal digital Photo Camera, so we can shoot digital stills for you, too!
  • More reasons than you can imagine!

An HDSLR camera is basically the same as traditional professional movie cameras, which often cost more than $50,000. For this reason, prime time television shows have been using HDSLR cameras rather than traditional movie cameras.

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We’d love to take these cameras out for a spin for your next video project!

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