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If your company is like most, you would love to have increased traffic to your website. After all, more visitors to your website equates to more opportunities for increased revenue.

Adding a blog to your site, and writing strategic SEO blogs targeting specific traffic-producing keyword phrases, is a golden opportunity to drive new traffic to your site. Here are some key elements to keep in mind when blogging for SEO.

Do your homework.

Okay, let’s break this down a bit. It all starts with keyword research. Finding out what questions your potential customers are searching for is key. I’ll use Metro Studios as an example. I’ve been asked by a number of clients in recent months about what can be done to have their Google Place listing (the listing that shows up next to the Google Map in local search results) rank higher.

Does Your Website Address This Topic?

Our website didn’t really have a page that addressed this topic, and my keyword research indicated there were a significant number of people searching for variations of the phrase “tips to rank higher in Google places.” With this in mind, I utilized our blog to provide insight to this topic, and become a resource for our current and prospective clients.

Don’t Get Too Cute With the Title

One key element is choosing a search-friendly title to your article and preferably this should be used as the title tag to your page as well. I entitled my blog post “Tips to Rank Higher in Google Place Listings.” The closer your title matches the keyword phrase you are targeting, the better.

Content. Content. Content.

It’s important to provide unique, useful content when SEO blogging. Otherwise you’re defeating the point. Even if your blog article ends up ranking well, and people click on it to learn more–if there isn’t good quality information, they will end up leaving right away.

Google Loves Blogs

Blog articles historically fare very well in search results. Websites might only get crawled by search engines once every several weeks. However, blog posts tend to get crawled and indexed by search engines extremely quickly.

My blog post about Google Places was indexed almost right away, and the results speak volumes about how effective blogs can be for SEO and driving new traffic to your site. The article ranked first overall for each of the following phrases as well as many other variations:

  • Tips to Rank Higher in Google
  • Tips to rank higher in Google place listings
  • Rank higher on Google place listings
  • Google Place Listing Tips
  • Higher ranking in Google listings

If you’re interested in driving new traffic and potential customers to your site, you can clearly see how effective it can be from an SEO-perspective. Contact Metro Studios to learn how to add a blog to your site, so can start reeling in those new customers.


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