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Cornell College Gives Metro Studios an Extraordinary Opportunity!

Cornell College requested a high-end multi-media presentation for the culmination of their “Extraordinary Opportunities: The Campaign for Cornell College” project, a five-year, $92 million effort to enhance the college’s endowment and upgrade its facilities.

Planning Ahead for an 18 Video Presentation

To announce the final dollar amount donated, Cornell decided on using three huge video screens to stretch across the ballroom at the Marriot. Six videos were scripted for the 3-screen presentation, which translates into 18 videos total. The videos included interviews from students and donors, footage and photos of the campus, and photos taken around the world from students’ global experiences. We shot some of the footage during the spring, prior to students leaving for the summer, and spent a considerable amount of time editing the 18 videos.

Check out our blog from the spring about the aerial shoot.

The Big Night

Preparation the day of the show included choreographing a rehearsal with the dozen or so presenters, not to mention setting up the 3 screens, playback computers, audio equipment and projectors. Two of the rear projection screens were 7 ft by 12 ft, and the center screen was 9 ft by 12 ft. The photos do not do any justice to the actual experience!

$105.8 million donated!

The presentation went perfectly, and the approximate 400 attendees were up on their feet when it was completed! It was amazing to have some of them come up and thank us for the wonderful videos! Congratulations on a great campaign, Cornell College, and thanks for asking Metro Studios to be a part of it!

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