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5 Reasons to Add a Blog

Stand Out in the Crowd.

It’s a competitive marketplace. If your competitors aren’t currently blogging on their respective sites—that’s all the more reason you should be. Insightful blog posts offer a tremendous opportunity to establish credibility.

Invigorate Your Employees.

Not only does a blog present an opportunity to engage your audience, it offers a way to engage your employees as well. With your company blog, your employees can be a tremendous source for new ideas for content. People inherently want their voices to be heard. A company blog offers a productive way to accomplish this.

Be the Expert.

People utilize the web as their primary resource today more than ever, whether it’s to search for a new chiropractor, dining ideas, or to simply find the answer to some obscure question that’s on their mind. Wouldn’t it be great if they found the answer to their question in your blog?

Climb the Ranks.

Clients often seek our advice about what things they can do to help improve their search rankings. By consistently adding fresh content to your site, it provides a trickle down effect for not only driving additional referral traffic to your website, but it has the potential to significantly increase the number of links back to your site. And when it comes to improving in search results—quality links pointing to your website is a very good thing.

Get Social.

Having a blog on your site is a great way to tie in your social media marketing efforts. More and more businesses are creating Facebook and Twitter accounts, because well…they feel like they should be doing it. Yet, far too many businesses don’t utilize it as well as they should. By consistently adding fresh content to your blog, it presents a prime opportunity to link to the blog content via Facebook or Twitter, or whatever social media site you use. People love to share links to interesting, useful, or entertaining information. Why not be the source of that information?

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